Grandma wins award at Joy House Film Festival


Grandma has taken another award while on the film festival circuit.

This time it was best  a tied winner for the indigenous/multicultural short at the inaugural Joy House Film Festival in Sydney, Australia.

We are very humbled and excited for the win!!

If you’d like to check out grandma you can do so on indieflix or on indiereign.

Grandma makes it onto indieflix

indieflix copy


We have even more excitement to announce regarding our short film Grandma. 

Grandma  has been selected to be a part of the shorts viewable upon the Indieflix website.

Indieflix is a US DVOD based website which allows it’s users to watch as much content as they like for a monthly fee (kind of like spottily premium but for films). We’re really excited about this because it means more people get an opportunity to see our little short film!

If you’d like to check out indieflix, you can do so here.



More Grandma Happenings – UK/Irish Premiere


We are pleased to announce that Grandma has been accepted as part of the Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

This marks Grandma’s European, UK and Irish debut on the festival circuit.

Grandma has also been nominated in contention for best indiereign film as well so we are quite excited!!!

The festival runs from September 6-8 2013 in Belfast.

check out more details here.

Grandma is now on Indie Reign!

After our rather stellar run on the festival circuit and acceptance as part of Film Club UK, we here at pzella prod are now proud to be able to release Grandma into the world as a VOD both for sale or rent on IndieReign.

IndieReign allows you to download a copy of Grandma for $4.99 USD to own or to rent it for 2 weeks for $3.99 USD. We think it’s a really cool platform to be able to distribute Grandma on and are really happy that we can now sell Grandma to the world!

Enjoy the film folks!



indie reign grandma

We need your help!!

UPDATE: Currently we’re sitting 8th in the top 12 which means that if we can at least maintain this position we will be able to go onto the next round!!!! Thanks to everyone for their support! We know that we couldn’t do it without all your support!!


Here at Pzella Productions we have been developing a new short called First Bite which is a genre dramedy about a blind date that goes rather dramatically wrong.  Think Shaun of the Dead crossed with When Harry Met Sally with werewolves thrown in the mix. With a full moon, Little Red riding hood (Kiki) and a werewolf (Gary) meet on a blind date. He thinks he’s met the girl of his dreams if he can just only She thinks he is behaving rather… odd, but can’t put her finger on why. Someone will die by the end of the date, but the question is who?

Currently we’re one of the projects listed on PicSeeder, which IF we win by getting enough votes will give us a chance to win up to $50k to make the short. WE NEED YOUR HELP by voting for us!

PicSeeder is an initiative that’s be started up by the legendary Australian producer Bill Bennet to give emerging filmmakers from all over the world a crack at the big time .We think it’s a really great initiative which is why we’ve decided to enter First Bite into the competition. Attached to our first bite production include a range of awesome crew including those who have worked on Wolverine, Max Max and a host of other well known Australian productions.

So please believe in us and help us make First Bite. If we win, we will give everyone who votes a thankyou credit. We know we can’t do it without you. Help us make a film and come along for the crazy ride. Vote for us and help us here.

So Where Does the Money go?

Life of Pi has currently made 586 million dollars worldwide. The Hobbit has currently 980 million worldwide. The Avengers has currently made 1.5 BILLION worldwide. With revenue figures like this you’d think that the hollywood system would be strong as ever and that everyone is running around in a mercedes benz throwing money at each other for fun. While these numbers do sound extraordinarily large, dig a little deeper and you realise that once everyone within the chain takes their cut and the funds get dispersed (and tax gets paid!) the true profit of the film tends to be a lot smaller than the initial estimate. The difference between the gross revenue figure that everyone hears about all the time and the net profit figure that no one seems to hear about tend to differ greatly.

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TO SEE is now on the channel

sydney morning herald

We are EXTREMELY proud and humbled to announce that Fairfax Media has acquired the Australian and New Zealand digital rights to broadcast rights to our feature length documentary To See, a 42 minute documentary that follows around Director Christopher Wohlers as he tries to reconcile with how it would feel to go blind within an instant.

To See premiered at the iDocs Film Festival 2009 in Bejiing, China and will now forever be available to watch for free upon the channel. The channel showcases some of the world’s best sourced documentaries and programs ranging on topics from health and observational docos, to more serious programs featuring investigative journalism and the like. They are also renowned for featuring a range of short films, particularly tropfest and flickerfest finalists.

We cannot state how proud we are to be apart of the platform. If you’d like to watch the documentary you can do so here.

Grandma has hit the filmclub!

Despite being still upon the film festival circuit, Grandma has now been accepted as as apart of  the FilmClub UK initiative catalogue.

Film Club UK is an UK wide charity institution that provides young people with the chance to watch, discuss and review a diverse range of films – feeding their imagination and nurturing their social and intellectual development.

Running film clubs all across the UK, they reach over 220,000 children week in over 7000 clubs where children can watch films for free (including our lovely short!)

We are extremely proud to have Grandma be apart of their catalogue and think it is a really great initiative. Check out the link to our page on Film Club UK here: 


New range of mousepads

After an awesome run with our film Grandma both at Bondi film festival and Wordless film festival over the weekend we’ve decided to do something a little crazy.

We’ve decided to release a range of mouse pads!

Now I’m sure we’ll have people ask “mousepads? Does anyone even use them anymore?” well for those cool funky people who still do, fear not we have decided to cater for you!

On sale from today on our online store we have 20+ different mousepads on sale for only $19.95 which look so awesome that hey you could probably even frame them.

So if you are one of those cool funky people, make sure you follow the link here

                                         Frangipani flower mousepad